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To address racial injustice in America through the power of education, Pearson Online Academy is offering 50 full-tuition scholarships to Black students involved in social justice advocacy from across the nation. Recipients who desire the flexibility, personalization, and safety of online learning will be selected by the Prince George’s County Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC-PGC), the interfaith civil rights organization that was led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and is on the frontlines of today’s grassroots advocacy for racial justice and equity in communities across America.  


Who Will Benefit


SCLC-PGC encourages application by students in grades 6-12 who:

  • Need the support of a flexible, portable online school program while advocating for social justice that allows them to advance the cause and earn their high school diploma simultaneously 

  • Seek an accredited school-from-home option that fully supports their health, well-being, and educational needs 

  • Have unique interests and learning needs best met by a fully personalized learning approach

What Is Included 


The scholarship will cover:

  • The full cost of tuition at Pearson Online Academy (up to $7000 value) for every year enrolled in                             Pearson Online Academy

  • Use of a laptop to use while enrolled at Pearson Online Academy

  • Internet subsidy and related software and hardware as required for successful attendance at Pearson                     Online Academy

  • A special faculty advisor

  • Mentorship opportunities (starting second semester)


Recipient Eligibility


Black students in the United States enrolling for the 2020-21 school year will be considered by SCLC -PGC for this scholarship. While the greatest focus will be among students in grades 6-12, younger students may also be considered if sibling (grades 6-12) is also applying. A family’s financial need will be taken into account; however, it will not be the deciding factor in scholarship selection.

Eligibility to Maintain Scholarship

Scholarships will be renewed annually if the student remains in good standing academically and maintains the “Roles and Responsibilities” for students and caretakers as defined in the Pearson Online Academy school handbook. Students must also complete a special project by the end of each school year selected by the students and their advisors from one of the following categories:

  • Social Justice

  • Black History

  • Modern Day Black Heroes

  • Principles of MLK Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign

    • Explore issues of poverty and inequity

    • Empower the Poor

    • Teach the Poor

    • Feed the Poor


What Is Needed To Apply

In addition to the online application, students will need to submit the following documentation:

  • Proof of Age

    • Official birth certificate

    • Passport

    • Government provided identity card

  • Academic Documentation

    • Unofficial school transcript

    • Report card

    • Other academic records

  • Recent Photo

    • Photo will be used to announce the recipients



The scholarship is now open for applications and recipients will begin to be notified on August 1, 2020.  Scholarship applications may be accepted through the first month of the fall semester or until slots are filled. No scholarships will be given during the spring semester unless there are extenuating circumstances.


All applicants will hear from the SCLC on or before July 31st